Fantasy Gladiators

Release Date: August of 2020

Fantasy Gladiators Trailer

Still playing “Rock Paper Scissors” when it comes to who is doing the chores? Not very lucky in coin tosses? Have you ever though it would be much cooler to settle your disputes, in a trial by combat? Then Fantasy Gladiators is what you were looking for! Challenge your friends to a gladiator duel!

Fantasy Gladiators is a gladiator fight simulator where players can choose their warriors and then kick back and watch them fight in a Free For All or a Team Battle match modes. Your warriors will give you an exciting show with a complex combat system that keeps the arena alive with action. They will dodge, block, parry and even counter attacks. Dynamic action with up to four players. Assign teams in 2v2, 1v2 or 1v3 matches.

Have a little bet with your friend? Can’t decide who is doing the dishes today? Who gets to be a designated driver tonight? Well, why not just choose your warriors, select an arena, and let them fight for you. Cheer for your gladiators as they hack and slash for your cause. Many gladiators to choose from. Different arenas for a change of scenery to keep it even more interesting.


  • Free to play

  • Casual Gameplay

  • Fun low poly graphics

  • Beautiful arenas

  • Many warriors to choose from

  • Optional Legendary Edition Upgrade


Fantasy Gladiators is now available on Steam!

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