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They rose from the depth of our world, and all kind of hell came with them. Massive earthquakes caused by major tectonic shifts that broke the continents apart, sinking entire cities beneath the boiling oceans, have changed the face of the earth. A mass explosion of volcanic eruptions across the world released gases and clouds of ash into our atmosphere that scattered for hundreds of thousands of miles, destroying the ozone layers and exposing the land to radiation, causing massive wildfires and pouring down acid rains for several years.

We hit them hard with everything we had, and we pushed back. But we were fighting a losing battle. After just a few months of war, our world became almost uninhabitable. Those of us who could, fled underground, resolving to small skirmishes, and scavenging for resources. Fighting to take back what we lost. But there were those who roamed the wasteland and made it their home.

Years of natural disasters and exposure to radiation scarred the land. But we were not ready to give up the fight. We learned about Entropies, how we came to call them. We learned how to hunt them, and we learned how to kill them. The battle for survival, was not yet lost.



As our world stands on the brink of destruction and humanity is facing extinction, you are invited to join the resistance and fight back against the mysterious enemy forces to reclaim our home. Dive into the fading world ravaged by natural disasters and relentless enemies as you uncover the truth through a series of story-line missions in an engaging campaign game mode or exploring and scavenging the environment in one of many side missions.


Unlock new places to explore as you progress the main story-line. Build strong alliances with different factions and gain access to a verity of side missions and unique resources that can be used to upgrade your base of operations, unlocking new tools. Develop your character and gain access to powerful skills that will help you survive in an unforgiving hostile environment.


The world of Entropy is vast and what better way is there to explore it than driving a heavy 4x4 truck down abandoned streets and highways? Hop behind the wheel and put that pedal to the floor. Scavenge for parts and unlock customizations or fine tune your truck, in your own garage.




  • Story focused campaign game mode

  • Character progression

  • Vast post-apocalyptic world to exploration

  • Vehicle customization

  • Player cloud data persistent

  • Steam achievements

  • Steam Stats


Entropy is coming soon to Steam!

Please feel welcomed to visit our Steam Store page by clicking the button below.

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