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See all of our current projects, released and in development.


Step into the darkest corners of the future with "M.E.R.C Genesis", a spine-chilling Sci-Fi horror third-person shooter that will test your nerves and combat skills. Take on otherworldly journey through randomly generated levels, ensuring every playthrough is a unique and heart-pounding experience.


A realm torn by war, with dynasties struggling for control. Raise your banner and muster your army. Lead your troops to combat your enemies on the battlefield in this epic card game. Play your hand right and claim your spoils of war.


As our world stands on the brink of destruction and humanity is facing extinction, you are invited to join the resistance and fight back against the mysterious enemy forces to reclaim our home. Dive into the fading world ravaged by natural disasters and relentless enemies as you uncover the truth through a series of story-line missions in an engaging campaign game mode or exploring and scavenging the environment in one of many side missions.


Jump into a commander chair and strap in. Explore a vast and changing universe as a Federation combat pilot. Fight your enemies and expand the influence of the Federation across different regions and constellations. Gather resources and research new technologies to aid on your conquest of the frontier.


Girls Guns & Zombies is exactly that, girls with guns shooting zombies. While, having some poolside fun in between. Scavenge the ruined city overrun by the undead, collect resources and throw a party for the girls!


Desolation - End of Days is a side scroller fighting game. The game offers a fast paced, casual gameplay that puts players in a post-apocalyptic world where infection turned most of the population into a flesh craving monsters.


Still playing “Rock Paper Scissors” when it comes to who is doing the chores? Not very lucky in coin tosses? Have you ever though it would be much cooler to settle your disputes, in a trial by combat? Then Fantasy Gladiators is what you were looking for! Challenge your friends to a gladiator duel!


Urban Justice is a side scroller fighting game inspired by the genre's classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. The game offers a fast paced, casual gameplay that puts players in Riverden city that is being torn apart by gangs, hooligans and corrupted government.


Medieval - Embers of War is a side scroller fighting game. The game offers a fast paced, casual gameplay that puts players in a fantasy world where the land is being torn apart by conflict. Players will take on adventures, epic rivals and control of their own castle.


Frontier – Tactical Response Squad is a fast-paced top down shooter based in a dystopian future where mage corporations are in control. The corporations driven the environment to the edge with excessive resource extraction and humanity is forced to live in a high-tech bio domes.

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