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Sleight of Hand - Dynasty

Release Date: Q1 of 2023

SoH Dynasty Trailer

A realm torn by war, with dynasties struggling for control. Raise your banner and muster your army. Lead your troops to combat your enemies on the battlefield in this epic card game. Play your hand right and claim your spoils of war.


Sleigh of Hand: Dynasty is a CCG type turn based card game suitable for both, veterans of the genre and newcomers alike. The game offers a casual and relaxing gameplay experience in PVE game mode, as well as challenging and exciting PVP matches in online multiplayer.


An immersive gameplay experience is powered by the amazing card graphics and soundtracks. With over 80 different cards to crush your opponents with. Brutal warriors, cunning rogues, fearsome mages and a verity of support units will join you on the battlefield. Pick your leader and gain access to their unique deck of cards.


  • Casual and Challenging gameplay

  • Amazing card graphics

  • Over 80 unique cards

  • PVE and PVP game modes

  • Online Multiplayer

  • Immersive gameplay experience

  • Steam achievements


SoH Dynasty is now available on Steam!

Please feel welcomed to visit our Steam Store page by clicking the button below.

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