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Girls Guns & Zombies

Release Date: August of 2020

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Girls Guns & Zombies is exactly that, girls with guns shooting zombies, while having some poolside fun in between. Pick one of the girls and explore the streets of the ruined city, overrun by the undead. A chilling thrill as shoot your way through the horde with a variety of weapons, do not let them get to close as it might become even more chilly as you lose a few pieces of clothing in a fight.


Scavenge resources scattered in the streets, alley ways and parking lots across the city. The more resources you collect and spend on the party, the more fun your girls can have.



• Beautiful, stylized characters
• A city to explore
• Thrilling action gameplay
• Post-apocalyptic setting
• Pool party with girls!
• Nudity


Girls Guns & Zombies is now available on Steam!

Please feel welcomed to visit our Steam Store page by clicking the button below.

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