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M.E.R.C. - Genesis

Release Date: Aug 16 of 2023

M.E.R.C. Genesis Trailer

Step into the darkest corners of the future with "M.E.R.C Genesis", a spine-chilling Sci-Fi horror third-person shooter that will test your nerves and combat skills. Take on otherworldly journey through randomly generated levels, ensuring every playthrough is a unique and heart-pounding experience.


Get ready to experience high-octane Sci-Fi horror with "M.E.R.C Genesis". Embark on a journey that pushes the boundaries of fear, survival, and discovery. Can you withstand the darkness that awaits?


Randomly Generated Levels for Endless Re-playability: Prepare for the unexpected as the game crafts dynamic and unpredictable levels, guaranteeing that no two encounters are ever the same. Each new venture into the abyss will keep you on edge, exploring uncharted territories, and facing unknown horrors.

Dark Futuristic Settings: Immerse yourself in a hauntingly atmospheric world where advanced technology meets nightmarish monstrosities. Richly detailed environments, eerie soundscapes, and eerie lighting will plunge you into a harrowing and immersive experience.

Resource Acquisition for Character Development: In the depths of this Sci-Fi nightmare, you'll scavenge for vital resources to enhance your character's abilities and survive the terrors that await. Unlock new weapons, and upgrades to forge your path of specialization and tailor your playstyle to confront the lurking threats.

Special Upgrades and Augmentations: As you progress, uncover new technologies that grant powerful bonuses to your characters. Make strategic choices as you decide which upgrades to harness and wield. Will you favor raw firepower, stealthy movements, or unyielding resilience against the horrors?

Heart-Pounding Combat: Engage in intense and strategic combat against grotesque adversaries. Employ your wit and reflexes to exploit enemy vulnerabilities and survive the relentless onslaught.


  • Casual and Challenging gameplay

  • Dark Sci-Fi Setting

  • High Re-playability

  • Immersive gameplay experience

  • Steam achievements


M.E.R.C. Genesis is Available Now on Steam!

Please feel welcomed to visit our Steam Store page by clicking the button below.

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