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Medieval - Embers of War

Updated: Oct 18, 2019


Medieval - Embers of War is a side scroller fighting game. The game offers a fast paced, casual gameplay that puts players in a fantasy world where the land is being torn apart by conflict.

With poly style graphics, the game offers a nostalgic look and feel as players take on adventures, epic rivals and control of their own castle. Earning resources that can be spent on upgrading the castle buildings, which in return will unlock new characters with new arsenal and fighting styles.

With our second title, we wanted our players to have even more fun and cool features, while not over-complicating the gameplay experience. In Medieval - Embers of War we are introducing new cool features like castle management. Players will be taking on adventures, epic rivals and control of their own castle. We are once again working with Synty Studios to shape the look and feel of the game. The studio's amazing work is a huge part of the game design. The poly style graphics with great attention to details gave the game both modern and old school look and feel that we were aiming for.

We also decided to go an extra mile with game design. Every time players will start an adventure, it will look a little bit different than the last. Our beautiful poly styled environment being randomly generated with every play-through.

Medieval - Embers of War features a Single Player and Co-op gameplay styles. Players can use their Keyboard and Mouse or connect a Game Controller to take on their epic adventures.





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