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Urban Justice


When we were working on Urban Justice, our main goal was to create a nostalgic experience. The game was inspired by good old classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage games that we used to play in our childhood.

When we were first introduced to the world design by Synty Studios, we knew that their amazing work will become a huge part of the game design right away. The poly style graphics with great attention to details gave the game both modern and old school look and feel that we were aiming for.

We also wanted to give our players an additional option to make the game look retro, and added an option to do just that from the game menu. By ticking the "Retro" checkbox, players can give the game a retro pixelated style look, that really makes the game feel like good old classics. The music, audio and visual effects were designed to further enhance the experience.

Urban Justice offers more than one game mode for players to choose from. A classic Story Mode will let players fight their way through a 7 Act campaign and save Riverden, a city being torn apart by gangs, hooligans and corrupted government.

In addition to the Story mode, players can choose a Free Play game mode and fight endlessly on the streets of Riverden to earn game coins and unlock new characters with new fighting styles. There are 12 playable characters available to unlock.

Urban Justice offers a casual and fast paced Single Player gameplay. Players can use their Keyboard and Mouse or connect a Game Controller to reign justice on their enemies.





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